SF Skate Club Skateboard Programs

Skateboarding is a fun, challenging, and healthy sport that we would like to see incorporated into young people’s lives (and the young at heart’s) as much as possible.  SF Skate Club currently offers four different programs catered to meet the varying schedules and needs of children and families throughout the year.  Summer Skate Camp and Saturday Program are for children ages 8-13, Teen Summer Camp is for youth age 12-17, private lessons and parties are open to ages 5 and older.  We hope you find something that works for you, and if not, give us a call anyways to see what we can do!

*Tour and skate Bay Area skateparks
*Receive small group lessons with a sponsored skateboarder
*Meet a professional skateboarder
*Go home with a DVD of your summer experience
*Fun skate related activities

*Ages 8-13

*A one-week, Monday through Friday skateboard Summer Camp
*Tour and skate Bay Area skateparks and street spots
*Receive small group lessons with a sponsored skateboarder
*Film and edit a video clip
*Fun skate related activities

*Ages 12-15


*  Visit and skate 2 different skate parks every Saturday for four Saturdays
*  Receive small group lessons from a professional skateboarder
*  Meet other professional skateboarders from the Bay Area
*  Make friends with other skateboarders your age
*  Go home with a DVD of yourself and others skateboarding during the outing

Nothing goes together better than a little cake, all your friends and tons of skateboarding.  The San Francisco Skate Club can help you arrange the best birthday party EVER!  We offer lots of options including one-to-one or small group lessons, larger group parties, skate games, prizes and dvd copies of the filmed skateboarding birthday fun so you can give to your guests.

Private one-on-one lessons with an SF Skate Club instructor. Bring a friend and learn together. Have the chance to learn or improve on your skateboarding skills.

....because skateboarding empowers youth, inspires creativity, and builds community.  Grab your board and roll with us!

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