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Parent Reviews

We have been doing our skateboard camp for 10 years now and have had the pleasure of working with so many amazing youth and families. Here is what a few parents have to say about us and their experience with the San Francisco Skate Club.

Katherine G.

San Francisco CA

I can't say enough wonderful things about SF Skate Club!  My sons, ages 9 and 7, have been taking weekly classes with Shawn for a year now and also did a 2-week summer camp with him.  My boys are involved in many different summer & after-school activities, but SF Skate Club is without question their absolute favorite; from week to week they just can't get enough.  If their skateboarding is on the line, vegetables get eaten, chores get done, piano gets practiced - all without complaint.  Beautiful!  
To be honest, I'd always associated the skater culture with some pretty questionable conduct, so initially I had my reservations about exposing my 2 impressionable young boys to this world.  But no need to worry.  Shawn focuses just as much on teaching the kids respect - for themselves and for one another - as he does on ollies, kickflips, and the rest.  The skate parks he uses are all clean, safe and very family friendly.  I'm constantly impressed by how welcoming the other skateboarders are and how encouraging they are with one another, regardless of age or skill level.  And the videos that Shawn and the kids make of their skating are, in my sons' words, "totally wicked." 
I also can't forget to mention Thuy.  She's phenomenal.  Her background is in education and I'm always impressed with her patience, her kindness, and her skill at keeping all those high-energy kids in check - always with a smile.
SF Skate Club truly is the best-kept secret in the city!

Greg G.

San Francisco CA

SF Skate Club is heaven on earth for the young thrasher!  This past summer i was lucky enough to reclaim my youth by tagging along with the SFSC. I was constantly impressed by the amount of positivity, passion and talent that was shown by Shawn, Thuy and the kids. Shawn can demonstrate how to do just about any trick,  from the "tick-tack" to the "lazer flip".  Thuy, always smiling, skates with a style that rivals that of Christian Hosoi.  And the kids just can't stop ripping.  SF Skate Club is AWESOME!

Valerie W.

San Francisco CA

I really do not know where to begin.  Over a year ago I was searching for a skateboard camp for my son and came across SF Skate Club - I was a little nervous about my son being gone all day but my son begged me to let him go.  When I picked my son up that evening the look on his face said it all.  He was absolutely blown away with Shawn and Thuy.  He loved every minute - he didn't want it to end.  Shawn taught him cool moves, the proper names for the tricks and not only that, he made a DVD so we could see too!  My daughter now goes along to the Saturday club too and she loves it also.  Shawn and Thuy are patient, caring, loving and totally committed to the kids and their well being.  My son now takes private lessons every week now....  Shawn and Thuy will be part of our family for years to come.  I almost don't want to write this review as we don't want to share the best kept secret that SF Skate Club ROCKS!

Sabrina F. Oakland CA

This is the best club my son has ever been a part of! He has participated in the Saturday skateboard camps and more recently I had his 13th birthday party with one of the club founders - Shawn. Shawn made my son's birthday party a HUGE success. My son and his friends learned a lot of new tricks and had a great time - they are still talking about it 3 weeks later! I was most impressed w/ the way Shawn managed the group of preteens - with a lot of patience. He also coached the boys who were just learning but at the same time challenged the more seasoned skateboarders. I highly recommend the skate camps and or birthday parties. Also this group participates in nonprofit fund-raising w/ skate-a-thons. This was a great way to get my son involved in community service and make him more aware of those in need.

Rachel P.

San Rafael CA

I first met Shawn at a skate park in San Rafael in May of '08. We had been looking for an instructor for our son who was 6. It was nearly impossible to find someone who would work with him because he was so young. Well, Shawn was working with a kid who was smaller than mine and this kid was dropping in, doing kickturns and rock fakies (mind you at the time I had no idea what these things were called - they just looked mighty impressive being executed by such a little kid!) When they had finished up I asked Shawn if he'd be willing to take us on as clients. We talked a bit about our background and what we wanted out of skateboarding. Our first lesson was the following week and we've been meeting every Sunday since! We did have to take a break in the summer so that Shawn could run his camp. I was a bit concerned that my boy would lose interest but as soon as Shawn contacted us when camp was over - he had his helmet on and was ready to continue.
We have gotten to know Shawn ant Thuy very well. They continue to impress us every time we talk to them. They are patient, caring, and above all really believe in what they do. They understand each child to be individual and encourage unique learning for all. Shawn learned early on that my son gets easily frustrated and wants to be "done." Shawn never forces him to go beyond his comfort zone. That doesn't mean that it doesn't happen - quite the opposite! He encourages him and always sets it up so that he's successful. My son has developed a crush on Thuy and idolizes Shawn! Not that he argues too much about anything, but when it's time for skateboarding he's ready and waiting in the car before I can even get my shoes on! I so admire Shawn's style and know that I'd be hard pressed to find it anywhere else!
I could go on and on (in fact I did!) but there really is not enough positive that I can say about Shawn, Thuy or their program. We look forward to seeing them each week and love what they have given to our son!

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