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Push it Forward 2

SFSC and Steve Ruge aka Shrewgy (active in the business of skateboarding for 30 years) hosted a unique short format film festival on April 9th at the Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco. We teamed 4 established film makers that came from skateboarding roots with 4 of our current program standouts in the creative visuals portion of SF Skate Club. The 4 separate teams showcased a 2-6 minute effort to raise funds for SFSC's after school program "Eduskate". If you like what you see, please consider donating to our program using the Paypal buttons to the right.

SF Skate Club Presents: “Catching the Dream” by Paul Harper and Miguel Pastreich and Jamaica Kalika

Big Pauly is an SF native from the Mission district, who started skating at 8 years old when his neighbor passed on the proverbial used deck. Although he struggled within the confines of a standardized educational institution, Pauly found mentors through skating who demonstrated focus and purpose in the midst of chaos and provided him with the informal education to realize and pursue his passions. Pauly is an urban explorer, a connector of good talent and people, and a natural born role model, pushing it forward to help you achieve that “Golden State of Mind.”

Miguel Pastreich is from the Fillmore and attends Mission High School. He was a part of the EduSkate middle school program and has graduated to become a youth intern through the Mayor’s Education and Employment Program. He handles everything with a positive attitude, capable hands, and follow-through to the end. “I got you,” he says with good humor and ease. In addition to skating, surfing, film making and competing on the Dragon Boat team at Mission High School, Miguel also has a passion for good food and a little friendly competition.


Jamaica Kalika is a sophomore who attends Albany High School and lives part-time with her father in the Fillmore district of SF. She was a youth intern with SF Skate Club in the summer of 2016 and has been a beautiful part of the family ever since. In addition to her role as director of the next video project, Jamaica is also a member of Youth Radio, a journalism program based out of Oakland. Jamaica’s genuine personality, warm smile, caring intuition and spot-on sensibility bring forth the best in others regardless of whether or not they are in front of the camera.

SF Skate Club Presents: “Push it Forward” by Sam Chao and Findlay Fullarton

Sam Chao is a skateboard videographer who elevated the all-star skate crew, also know as the Young Bucks of SF. He was once a budding skater with the SF Skate Club back in 2009, then joined the team as a junior counselor, and now with an established name in the industry, he volunteered to be a mentor for the “Push It Forward” film project. Get ready to feast your eyes on the skills in the video that you are about to see, created by Sam and his mentee, Findlay Fullarton. Sam is an example of what “Push It Forward” is all about. Chao down!!!


Findlay Fullerton is an 8th grader who attends Creative Arts Charter School. He is a musician, actor, artist, thinker, and a young shredder who revels in the pure joy and element of cool that skating so finely exudes. He has been the friend behind the lens for our youth at EduSkate and jumped at the opportunity to learn and further develop his skills in filmmaking. Findlay likes to tinker with old format video and film cameras. He may be young but he is keen to that which withstands the test of time.

SF Skate Club Presents: “Cultural Perspective” by Michael Cheatum and Ricardo Rios

Michael Cheatum is a 21 year old San Francisco born & raised filmmaker. This is his first live film premiere, and what better way to make his debut than as a mentor in this project for a younger youth from SF Skate Club. He started cinematography about three years ago. Since then, he’s gotten two films published on Thrasher Magazine, felt the pleasure of sharing his views, lifestyle, perspective & art. Now, he has the added honor of being an older role model. All of this is because of skateboarding, and he’s hyped to see where skating will lead him next. Here’s a compilation brought to you by Ricardo Rios and Michael showcasing the attributes of skating that stand out for many skaters.

Malcolm Day 2016 – Happy Birthday, Malcolm;

Malcolm Day 2015


Ricardo Rios is 13 years old and a student at Hoover Middle School. He joined EduSkate after meeting SF Skate Club’s co-founder, Thuy Nguyen and another youth, Miguel Pastreich at a community meeting in the Valencia Gardens housing complex. Ricardo is a thoughtful and thought-provoking youth who does not take life for granted. He shows a deep appreciation for other’s sincerity and kindness and welcomes opportunities to learn from and contribute to his community. Through this film mentorship project, Ricardo has forged new bonds that will further strengthen his character and amplify the possibilities ahead.

SF Skate Club Presents: “Two Stories” with Angel and Ryan

This piece was created to highlight youth that utilize SFSC outside the normal programs offered and tell their stories in their own words. SFSC is open for youth 7 days a week in SF. Youth swing by, grab snacks, and tune up their setups, and in many cases, use the resources offered by SFSC including paints, paper, computers and just plain space as well as somebody to talk to.

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